Surge XT Bee Pollen

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This HIGH-PERFORMANCE Bee Pollen supplement has been designed with TIME-PROVEN ingredients to turbo charge your metabolism! Surge XT Bee Pollen EFFECTIVELY COMBATS bad bacteria that hinders your weight loss and will give you those dramatic results you’ve been craving*!!

Weight loss comes down to one simple principle: you must burn more calories than you consume. However, when you’re tired, hungry and just unmotivated to hit the gym, the basic science of weight loss becomes a bit more complex. Thats why we created Surge XT. High-powered all over weight loss formula that promotes explosive energy, mental focus, appetite control and detox!*

A 360 View of Surge XT:
Explosive Energy
Improved Mental Focus
Helps control appetite
Ultra Concentrated Formula

Forget what other products are promising you. With Surge XT BEE POLLEN, you can be sure of the following:

  • You will lose significant weight within a few weeks by accelerating your metabolism.
  • You will remove all the bacteria and waste in your organism, thanks to the detox process.
  • You will have more energy, both physically and mentally.
  • You will control at will your appetite, avoiding nutrition disorders.

Vitamin B6 (pyridoxine HCL)
Vitamin B12 (Cyanocobalamin) Chromium (as Picolinate) Senna Leaf (10% sennosides) Caffeine Anhydrous, Bitter Orange
(30% Synephrine) Bee Pollen Powder, White Kidney Bean Extract Hoodia, Evodiamine, Asian Ginseng, Green Tea Leaf Cayenne Pepper